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Responsible Pet Ownership Information

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In The Know
About Your Pet

Dog Laws & License:

All dogs three months of age and older must be licensed annually by January 31.  When you acquire a new dog, you must license it immediately.  Dogs in Guernsey County must be immunized against rabies by a licensed veterinarian before a license can be purchased. 

Dog Bite Prevention:

Don't invite a bite-

Dogs bite for various's who they are, just being dogs; fear of a strange person, territorial aggression, protecting puppies, pain, loss of sight or hearing, not properly socialized, etc.  This is a very shortlist. 

Avoid Being A Victim:

-Never approach a dog you do not know

-Never stoop over a dog

-Assume any dog may bite

-Avoid direct eye contact

-Never disturb a dog who is sleeping, eating, or protecting puppies

If A Strange Dog Approaches You:

-Remain calm, do not scream or yell

-Freeze and remain still.  No sudden movements.  Above all, do not run as this invites a chase.

-Turn your head away slightly, avoid direct eye contact.

-Be patient, wait until the dog loses interest, and back away slowly.

If You Are Attacked By A Dog:

-Seek cover and try to use any object you have to place between you and the dog - a coat, book bag, etc.

-Try to stay on your feet

-If knocked down, curl into a ball on your knees and use your arms to protect your face and neck.

-Be patient.  Wait until the dog loses interest and back away slowly.

If You Are Bitten/Attacked By A Dog:

If you are bitten by a dob, we will attempt to assist the Health Department to identify the dob's owner for compliance with the rabies quarantine.  Citations for biting dogs must be issued to the dog owners on a case-by-case basis.  If a dog is not properly confined or is running loose, citations are generally issued.  If a dog bites someone who is voluntarily on the property of the owner it is considered a civil matter and not under the jurisdiction of our office.  

Many times people are understandably upset when they, or a relative, are attacked or bitten by a dog.  However, due to challenges to the state laws regarding dangerous and vicious dogs, and the structure of Ohio Law regarding do bites, we are limited as to what we can legally do in these cases.

Report Bites, Dog-Related Injuries & Complaints:

The Guernsey County Dog Shelter/Dog Warden Office

Deputy Karla Kerns

62824 Bennett Ave.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Leave a detailed message with the address in need of a response.  You may choose to leave your name and number in case further information is needed.  

All dog bites must be reported to the Guernsey County Health Department per Ohio Revised Code and Guernsey County Dog Warden's Office.

Stray Dogs:

If you find a stray dog, please call The Guernsey County Dog Shelter immediately at 740-432-2219

.  If no answer, you can leave a detailed message or you can make contact with The Guernsey County Sheriff's Office at 740-439-4455, and advise them that you have a stray dog that needs to be picked up.  (Stray dog means a dog that was found wandering in the street, public place, and/or on private property unaccompanied by its owner, with tag or without tag.

Lost/Found Dogs:

Please contact the Guernsey County Dog Shelter at 740-432-2219 if you have lost or found a dog.  Our office will fill out a lost or found dog report  You will need to give us the most detailed description of the dog as possible.  


Additional Information

Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office:

601 Southgate Pkwy

Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Guernsey County Humane Society:  108 Franklin Ave.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725  


Ohio Department of Natural Resources- Wild Life Officer:

614-563-2355 Or 1-800-945-3543

Pound Dog Partners of Guernsey County: P.O. Box 1384

Cambridge, Ohio 43725

Cambridge Police Department:

814 Wheeling Ave.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Guernsey County Health Department: 326 Highland Ave.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Animal Clinic at Cambridge:

6679 Glenn Hwy.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725  


Guernsey Veterinary Clinic:

2103 E. Wheeling Ave.

Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Cambridge Code Enforcement:

Officer Kim Conrath:

Office: 740-439-2822

Cell: 740-584-9194

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