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Are You Ready To Adopt?

Owning a dog is both a joy and a responsibility.  Adoption is a lifelong event.  Planning and careful thought should be made with the entire family before adoption.   Do your research on your family's schedule, based upon activities, lifestyle, entertainment, home life, visitors, etc.  Choose your favorite breed and learn about their personality, characteristics, habits, medical history, trainability, etc.  Compare this breed to your next favorite and your next.  Visit your local shelter, rescue, or humane society and match your choice up with those you have become attracted to.  Check out adopt-a-pet who expose those with the three facilities previously mentioned.  Picking a cute, or pretty pet, or one that has been there the longest is not always the best choice.  Stay focused and pick what will easily fit your family.

Some questions you should consider and ask yourself:

  1. The dog I've spent the most time with today, is that the one for me?

  2. Am I able to have the pet with me in my home?

  3. I'm aware I need to allow the pet to decompress, but am I capable of allowing my pet time to do so?

  4. All household members have been introduced to my pet, including all my pets, did they all get along?  Any allergies?

  5. I am aware of and accept the financial responsibility, am I prepared?  (Average $800/yr).

  6. I understand that at least once a year my pet will need a check-up and vaccination.

  7. I will own all the things my pet will need: food bowls, crate, license, flea & tick & heartworm prevention, toys, beds, blankets, collars, leashes, leads, etc.

  8. I have time to spend with my new dog to give him love and never leave him.

If the answer to these questions is "YES", move on to our available dog showcase.

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Golden Retriever
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Meet Our Adoptables

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